Hi! Thank you for visiting my blog. I am Ritika, a central government officer by profession and a soulful cook by passion. I am a Baker in process and I love to try new recipes that are wholesome, soulful and can be made with easily available ingredients at home.

Long before when i was preparing for the competitive exams, i was required to indicate my hobbies and interest areas for the interview. I was such a book worm that I did not have any interest areas apart from studying. Someone suggested I should state cooking as one of the hobbies as it was easy to learn as one can learn it in the comfort of one’s home. I must confess I did not know the A B C of cooking then. What I did not know then was I was it was my life’s biggest prophesy!!
A few years later I got married and settled in a new place. It is then when I started craving for my home cooked food, the north Indian , Punjabi taste. I started cooking simple things like aloo parantha . To my surprise, people liked what I cooked and many times made special request to cook the dishes for them . However, it was all restricted to a few items.
The hidden interest erupted with full strength only after the birth of my Princess, four years back. I wanted to give her the best of food with good nutritive value .
She has sweet tooth and is always interested in trying new things and therefore she became my inspiration for cooking especially baking.
With time, the interest got translated into passion (or obsession, I wonder). I love it so much that I have to cook on a daily basis. It is my meditation, it is my experience with divinity and it is what makes me forget everything. Among all things, I love baking the most. I would not say I am a self-taught baker as I am still learning and therefore the process is not yet complete.

I love experimenting and the new ingredients, new processes, new shapes of baked goodies inspire me . Since I bake quite frequently I try to use healthy ingredients like whole grains, no added colours etc. I only use refined flour and food colours etc on special occasions.
The recipes in the blog are the outcome of my experiments and each one is crafted with lot of care and love. I hope that you find them useful and you also enjoy these as much as I enjoy making them .