Eggless Pumpkin Choco Chips Pancakes with whole wheat flour and water chestnut flour

Weekends call for special breakfast. Since we had come back from our vacation,we were missing the breakfast buffet especially the pancakes of our hotel. Pancakes are generally made with eggs , refined flour andrefined sugar. I usually make banana oats pancakes at home. However,this weekend when I was carving for pancakes i didnt have bananas at home Instead I had big pumpkin from my kitchen garden so I tried using

Homemade Chocos with ragi and amarnath flour

So my princess was not keeping well and was not ready to take anything inside her mouth. I tried offering many things but she would not eat. But when she saw packet of her favorite chocos, she demanded to have it. Generally i dont let her eat the packaged food items but i do keep a few small packets of chocos in my pantry for travelling purposes. This time i

Nacho loaded with veggies and cheese

It is weekend again and weekend calls for special meal. So here it is veggie and cheese loaded Nachos. The Nachos i made are with corn flour ( makai ka aata) , sorghum ( jowar) flour and whole wheat flour. I have used boiled kidney beans along with sweet corn, olives, capsicum, carrots to load the nachos. Also mix of mozzarella cheese and cheese slice has been used.

Deep Dish Pizza using Wheat flour, Jowar flour, Bottle Gourd

I usually get bored of eating regular dal sabji roti in my dinner. Since i believe in eating home cooked food so ordering from outside is not an option. I therefore keep trying to innovate dishes that are good change from the regular stuff we eat and at the same time do not compromise on the nutrients. One such dish i made recently was a deep dish Pizza. The base

Double Choco Nut Cookies

These gorgeous cookies were on my mind ever since i saw unibic choco nut cookies advertisement on TV. Since i was busy chasing my other passion which is training people , i was not able to find time for trying these out. The method of baking these is quite simple and ingredients are also easily available in the kitchen pantry. However, the taste and texture is rich and very much

Dal Pakwan /Taco

#dalpakwan #taco #dalpakwantaco After suffering from fever, hubby dear is having metallic taste in mouth. Also having lost his appetite,he is least interested in having dal chawal, roti sabji. As he loves chatpati items, i planned to make dal pakwan for him. Just to present it in a different form, i made it taco style. Again the tacos or pakwan in taco form are from whole wheat flour. These are

Nutella Rasgulla

I was looking for an easy indian mithai for the rakshabandhan celebration at home. After scratching head for some time i got an idea of mixing kids’ favorite Nutella with something that can be made easily that is Rasgulla or Rasogulla . Rasgulla does not require too much of labour. Also it doesn’t require fancy ingredients. Cow’s Milk, sugar and water and you are done. However due to some reasons.

Whole Wheat Jowar Bottlegourd Pizza

My princess was craving pizza and was after me to bake it for her. I generally bake multigrain yeasty pizza but today i didnt have much time in hand. Also i wanted to add some vegetables to make it healthy and wholesome for her. This Pizza has many plus plus:— It is made with whole wheat , jowar so it is fibre rich It has goodness of (homegrown) lauki or

Spinach Cheese Corn Rolls

When i visited my native place last month my family took me to a popular upbeat eating joint there. The place serves the best of appetizers in the city. We ordered a few items from the menu. The appetizer we loved the most was spinach cheese corn rolls, crispy from outside and melting cheese inside . We liked it so much and we ordered it twice. It was a hit