Homemade Chocos with ragi and amarnath flour

So my princess was not keeping well and was not ready to take anything inside her mouth. I tried offering many things but she would not eat. But when she saw packet of her favorite chocos, she demanded to have it. Generally i dont let her eat the packaged food items but i do keep a few small packets of chocos in my pantry for travelling purposes. This time i

Double Choco Nut Cookies

These gorgeous cookies were on my mind ever since i saw unibic choco nut cookies advertisement on TV. Since i was busy chasing my other passion which is training people , i was not able to find time for trying these out. The method of baking these is quite simple and ingredients are also easily available in the kitchen pantry. However, the taste and texture is rich and very much

Whole Wheat Jowar Bottlegourd Pizza

My princess was craving pizza and was after me to bake it for her. I generally bake multigrain yeasty pizza but today i didnt have much time in hand. Also i wanted to add some vegetables to make it healthy and wholesome for her. This Pizza has many plus plus:— It is made with whole wheat , jowar so it is fibre rich It has goodness of (homegrown) lauki or

Piekies (Pie plus Cookies)

The basket design on baked good looks very fascinating to me. i have been wanting to try this in my cookies or piping trails for long. I had some dough left after i baked thin and crispy bread sticks yesterday. Also i was dying to try something new so I could distract my mind as i was fasting for the whole day. So the idea of making cross between

Whole Wheat Fruit and Nut Coffee Cake

This recipe is special in many ways as it is my first coffee cake and it is my first cake with palm sugar. i just loved the taste of palm sugar . It is so caramel(y). The palm sugar imparts nice dark colour to the cake. I have been meaning to bake a nice tea time nuts loaded cake for my sister in law. She believes in eating healthy and

Cauliflower Base Cheese Sticks(no flour)

My daughter loves bread cheese sticks and she equally hates cauliflower! No matter how much I try to build stories around the vegetable, she always refuses to eat the vegetable. Hence i am always finding ways to feed her vegetable. When I got to know that the vegetable can be base for the cheese stick I was excited to try it on my daughter. But the issue was the binding

Chocolate Cake with whole wheat flour(no refined sugar)

This cake has many virtues it is a No eggs .. no refined flour… no refined sugar… no butter .. Super easy can be prepared in one bowl ! Extremely moist Chocolate Cake.  The cake is made with aata or whole wheat flour and uses less oil. The secret ingredient that makes it moist is the addition of boiling water in the end. I have baked this umpteen number of

Gulkand Cake with whole wheat flour

This cake is my go to cake whenever i am in a mood to bake something quick, healthy, non chocolate cake. Generally when we substitute refined wheat flour with whole wheat flour, there is an aftertaste. Therefore in cakes having strong flavours like chocolate, coffee, orange , strawberry it is easier to replace refined flour with whole wheat. I have baked this cake multiple times. Here i am presenting both

Ragi Whole Wheat Choco Cookies

This particular cookie is the product of inspiration from two sources. One is an Italian shortbread which inspired the shape of these cookies. I just saw the image on internet and was bowled over by the beauty of the cookies. However, it was with eggs and refined flour plus other leaving agents and used icing sugar. I had to develop healthy alternatives to these ingredients and was in no mood