Whole Wheat Fruit and Nut Coffee Cake

This recipe is special in many ways as it is my first coffee cake and it is my first cake with palm sugar. i just loved the taste of palm sugar . It is so caramel(y). The palm sugar imparts nice dark colour to the cake. I have been meaning to bake a nice tea time nuts loaded cake for my sister in law. She believes in eating healthy and

Chocolate Cake with whole wheat flour(no refined sugar)

This cake has many virtues it is a No eggs .. no refined flour… no refined sugar… no butter .. Super easy can be prepared in one bowl ! Extremely moist Chocolate Cake.  The cake is made with aata or whole wheat flour and uses less oil. The secret ingredient that makes it moist is the addition of boiling water in the end. I have baked this umpteen number of

Gulkand Cake with whole wheat flour

This cake is my go to cake whenever i am in a mood to bake something quick, healthy, non chocolate cake. Generally when we substitute refined wheat flour with whole wheat flour, there is an aftertaste. Therefore in cakes having strong flavours like chocolate, coffee, orange , strawberry it is easier to replace refined flour with whole wheat. I have baked this cake multiple times. Here i am presenting both

Ragi Chocolate Mug Cake in Microwave

If you are looking for a guilt free , quick fix for your Chocolate Cravings. Then you have come to the right place. This cake has it all…. Decadent Taste Quick to make , needs 45 seconds to bake Can be baked without OTG , in Microwave Is very Fudgy And on top of all it is HEALTHY!!!!! No refined sugar No butter No refined Flour Can be made Vegan

Persian love cake or Rose Cashew Cake

  Print Recipe 4 from 1 vote Ingredients1/2 cup Butter or 100 grams3 tbsp coconut pil1 cup powdered sugar1/2 cup coconut milk or dairy milk3 drops orange essence or orange zest1/8 tsp almond essence1 tsp vanilla extract1 tsp cardamom powder2.5 tbsp rose water1 1/2 cup minus 3 tbsp all purpose flour or maida1/2 cup cashew powder pulse in a mixi for 1 to 2 minutes only1 tsp baking powder1/8 tsp

Fudgy Healthy Chocolaty

The Brownie that contains: No eggs, No refined Flour, No Butter, Has a star vegetable ingredient that most of the kids and adults hate most. Can you guess? it is……… Bottlegourd/Ghiya/Lauki. Yes you heard it right, the addition of vegetable gives the fudge and moistness to the brownie . However, no one can make out addition of vegetable to the brownie unless you tell them. Ingredients 1/4 cup oil (i