Nacho loaded with veggies and cheese

It is weekend again and weekend calls for special meal. So here it is veggie and cheese loaded Nachos. The Nachos i made are with corn flour ( makai ka aata) , sorghum ( jowar) flour and whole wheat flour. I have used boiled kidney beans along with sweet corn, olives, capsicum, carrots to load the nachos. Also mix of mozzarella cheese and cheese slice has been used.

Deep Dish Pizza using Wheat flour, Jowar flour, Bottle Gourd

I usually get bored of eating regular dal sabji roti in my dinner. Since i believe in eating home cooked food so ordering from outside is not an option. I therefore keep trying to innovate dishes that are good change from the regular stuff we eat and at the same time do not compromise on the nutrients. One such dish i made recently was a deep dish Pizza. The base

Dal Pakwan /Taco

#dalpakwan #taco #dalpakwantaco After suffering from fever, hubby dear is having metallic taste in mouth. Also having lost his appetite,he is least interested in having dal chawal, roti sabji. As he loves chatpati items, i planned to make dal pakwan for him. Just to present it in a different form, i made it taco style. Again the tacos or pakwan in taco form are from whole wheat flour. These are

Spinach Cheese Corn Rolls

When i visited my native place last month my family took me to a popular upbeat eating joint there. The place serves the best of appetizers in the city. We ordered a few items from the menu. The appetizer we loved the most was spinach cheese corn rolls, crispy from outside and melting cheese inside . We liked it so much and we ordered it twice. It was a hit

Bread Sandwich Cake

    Looking for a snack apt for the hot summery days or an easy make ahead appetizer for the party! Look no more. This sandwich cake is the perfect thing to awe your guests!               Ingredients 8slices White Bread 1cup hung curd 1/4cup mayonnaise 3tbsp tomato ketchup 1carrot (grated) 1onion finely chopped 1cucumber finely chopped 1tomato(deseeded) chopped or sliced 1/2mango diced or sliced 3tsp Icing /Powdered Sugar 1/4tsp thyme 1/4 tspBasil 1/8 tspgarlic powder 1/8tsp Chinese

Oven Roasted Chana/Chickpeas

Ingredients: 1 cup Chickpeas ½ teaspoon(tsp) rock salt or common salt ½ tsp black salt2 tablespoon(tbsp) olive oil or any other vegetable oilAsafoetida(hing)1 tsp and ½ tsp turmeric 1tsp chole masala1tsp  and ½ tsp chaat masala1 tsp amchoor¼ tsp ginger garlic powder or pasteJuice of 2 lemons2 to 3 green chillies( whole)1 tsp red chilli powder Method: Soak Chickpeas /Chana overnight (like we usually do for making chana masala)   Boil

Dahi Kebab

Ingredients: 1 cup Hung curd2 tbsp grated paneer1/4 cupChopped capsicum 1/4 cup Grated carrotSeasoning : 1/2 tsp Salt and 1/8 tsp black pepper1/2 cup Bread crumbs  Method: In a bowl add hung curd, paneer ,chopped veggies and seasoning and mix well with the help of hands.   Take some mix in your hands and give it a cylindrical form. In a plate, take bread crumbs and roll cylindrical kebab into the plate

Arabiatta Cookies

Ingredients: 1 cup aata or whole wheat flour1/2 tsp salt 1/3 cup arrabiata sauce (cold)1/8 cup cold butter cut into pieces2 tsp oregano, chilli flakes or mixed herbs1 tsp parsley1-2 tsp cold water Method: In a bowl, sieve whole wheat flour along with  salt and  herbs  Add cold butter to it and rub into the flour with your palms till it resembles like bread crumbs. Now add cold arrabiata sauce (