Eggless Pumpkin Choco Chips Pancakes with whole wheat flour and water chestnut flour

Weekends call for special breakfast. Since we had come back from our vacation,we were missing the breakfast buffet especially the pancakes of our hotel. Pancakes are generally made with eggs , refined flour andrefined sugar. I usually make banana oats pancakes at home. However,this weekend when I was carving for pancakes i didnt have bananas at home Instead I had big pumpkin from my kitchen garden so I tried using

Nutella Rasgulla

I was looking for an easy indian mithai for the rakshabandhan celebration at home. After scratching head for some time i got an idea of mixing kids’ favorite Nutella with something that can be made easily that is Rasgulla or Rasogulla . Rasgulla does not require too much of labour. Also it doesn’t require fancy ingredients. Cow’s Milk, sugar and water and you are done. However due to some reasons.

Gurr Paare with aata or whole wheat flour

One of the things that I miss being outside Punjab is the Punjabi mithai. Nothing can beat authentic Punjabi mithai. And my most favourite is what we used to call as ‘gur ki mithai’ populary known as gur paare. The Gur mithai / Gur Paare brings back loads of memories of childhood. No marriage was complete without this mithai. As I was craving for this mithai since yesterday and it was

Rajgira Gur Tart filled with Sooji Rose Halwa

This recipe is inspired by Persian Food. I love how beautifully and rich the Persian desserts look.¬† The Rajigira Tart idea came when i was preparing¬† rajgira or dot dot ladoos on my daughters’ demand. But it took my a few weeks to come out with the idea of filling ! The dessert is not overly sweet as i have reduced the amount of jaggery and or sugar put in

Rajgira gur ladoo

The princess comes back from her new school and demands dot dot ladoo!! When asked what is that she simply told my class mate brought the dot dot ladoos in her tiffin today. I confessed beta i am not getting it. ¬† Next day again she tells i can explain.. they are called ragi ladoos. ‘Oh’ , i said, ragi flour or black dot ladoo. She said nahi nahi it

Shahi Katori with instant Rabri

We all love desserts.Sometimes i just crave for having indian mithai in particular for satisfaction of my sweet tooth. How can anyone stay away from the deep fried, ghee rich, milky indian sweets. One such sweet that is immensely popular is shahi tukra.  As i was organizing dinner of my hubby’s colleagues at home, i was in search of some indian mithai that could be served as a dessert. When