Jamun Coconut Tart

I am always in awe of  nature for it has given us such beautiful colours in the form of fruits, flowers,plants . I love trying different ways to use the colours provided by nature, be it turmeric ,beetroot, spinach or ambadi (local)flower. This weekend when i had fresh jamuns (fruit), i was attracted to the deep colour the fruit has to offer. I wanted to try and make something with

Vegetable Chowmein

I love colours and food with colours. Recently i found a red /purple cabbage and zucchini in a local supermarket .I was overjoyed and felt tempted to try the great Indo-Chinese food that is vegetable chowmein. The Vegetable Chowmein is inspired from a restaurant in Pune which i visited last month. The recipe combines boiled noodles as well as crispy fried noodles. So it offers variety of textures and colours.

Oats Honey Cookies

Cafe Coffee Day style Honey Oats Cookies Honey oats cookes is my darling princess all time favourite. Have been trying various recipes but never got perfect outcome. Some turned out chewy , some flavorless. This is perfect crispy, caramely and comes together in just 15 days. Plus needs No maida No creaming No refrigeration Ingredients: 75 grams butter ( roughly 3/8 cup butter) 2 tbsp honey 3/8 cup minus 2

Kacchi Kairi Paani for Golgappas

Print Recipe Ingredients2 raw mangoes peel and remove seedsCut into cubesTake around 1 cup mint leavesHalf cup coriander leaves 3 green chillies or more as per tasteAn inch of gingerSaltBlack saltChat masalaAmchoorJeera powderJaljira powder optional InstructionsBlend in mixer like chutney Take this in a bowl and add ice or cold water to it Strain , chill and enjoy